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Elephant toothpaste

In room 6 we have been learning about science experiments and observing what happens. I did Elephant toothpaste. First I added some dish washing liquid and food colouring into a bottle and shook it around.Then we thought what colour it will turn. Green,  the colour of the dish washing liquid;or blue the colour of the food colouring.

Next I added hydrogen peroxide and in a cup I mixed hot water and yeast. When I poured the yeast into the bottle the magic started.

The foam exploded like a volcano, from the yeast and the hydrogen peroxide. The Foam bubbles were just made of Water, soap and oxygen. The experiment was so much fun to do and learn about. But the hardest part of the experiment was cleaning up.

By: Jaime

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  1. Szi Halpin 4 July 2018 at 1:48 pm

    i really liked watching the elephant tooth paste

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