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Absences and Illness


Every day children are absent, parents are expected to contact the School.    This can be done online by using the website ‘Report an Absence’ form.  The form can be found on our home page and also under our Parent Information tab on the menu.  Parents can also phone the School Office [09 478 7734] and select Option 1 or email [email protected] to notify us of the absence.  All absence is recorded in the school Student Manager System and we are required to return ‘absence’ statistics to the Ministry of Education  – Te Tāhuhu o Te Mātauranga at the end of each school term.

Please notify the school in writing of absences other than sickness.  These should come to the Principal either directly through the Principal’s PA [[email protected]] or the Classroom Teacher.

In general, appointments should be made out of school hours.  However, it is sometimes necessary for parents to take children from School during the day.  A written note should be given to the class teacher whenever children are to leave the School grounds during school time.

Children leaving the school during normal school hours must be signed out in the Absentee Book at the School Office prior to collecting your child.  This is the responsibility of the parent and is in addition to the parent advising the Classroom Teacher either in writing or verbally that their child has to take time out of school.

It is the responsibility of parents, if the child returns to school on the same day, to call into the Office with the child and register that he/she has been returned to the School.  A slip confirming that they have been registered back in will be given to the child to give to their Class Teacher.

Accidents or Sickness at School:

While every care is taken accidents do happen from time to time.  Minor injuries are treated at School in the Medical Room.  Where the injury is of a more serious nature parents are immediately informed.  For this reason it is vital that parents ensure that the school has their current phone number.  They are also asked if possible, to provide the name of someone else who can be contacted if they are unavailable.  This information is sought at the time of enrolment and regularly updated.

The School has very limited sick bay facilities so we ask parents, who are advised by phone that their child is ill, to collect them immediately.  In cases of emergency the School will get a child to medical attention if no caregiver can be contacted.

Parents are asked to inform the school of known medical problems such as asthma, allergies or epilepsy so that appropriate support can be given

Administration of Medication at school:

The School requires written confirmation before it will administer any prescribed medication to the children.  Parents must complete a permission form which can be obtained from the school office or by clicking the link below.  Pupils who have prescribed medication to be taken at School are to give it into the care of the office.  Medicines are not to be kept in bags or desks.

Medication Policy and Form