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Contributions per year/per pupil for 2024 are:

Contribution Per Term Per Year
Attendance Dues $ 129.00 $  516.00
Special Character Donation [TAX DEDUCTIBLE] $   15.00 $    60.00
Parental Contribution Donation [TAX DEDUCTIBLE] $ 182.00 $  728.00
School Development Contribution Donation [TAX DEDUCTIBLE] $   11.25 $    45.00
School Fixtures & Fittings Contribution Donation [TAX DEDUCTIBLE] $   32.75 $  131.00
$370.00 Total per Term $1,480.00  Total per Year


 Parents/caregivers undertake as a condition of enrolment that students will participate in the general School programme that gives our school its Catholic Special Character.

Following an update of the Auckland Common Fund Limited Operations Manual in May 2023, to be compliant with Item 1 – Charging Attendance Dues to Parents and Caregivers, St. John’s School will, from Term 3 2023 show on parent Invoice/Statements, the full current year’s worth of Attendance Dues listed by Term.  Attendance Dues are payable in full by the due date of the Term invoice/statement the Attendance Dues apply to or they can be paid in full in advance for the year or relevant portion of the year depending on when the child started at St. John’s School and the amount that appears on a child’s Invoice/Statement.

ATTENDANCE DUES [from the Catholic Diocese of Auckland March 2023 – Compulsory Attendance Dues Charges.  Parents and Caregiver Responsibilities].

  1.  a]   Attendance Dues are a compulsory payment under the terms of the Education and Training Act 2020 and are a condition of enrolment.  Attendance Dues are charged for all students who attend Catholic integrated schools in New Zealand.  b]  Attendance Dues are collected on behalf of the school’s Proprietor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland.   The Attendance Dues are forwarded to Auckland Common Fund Limited, a company established by the proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools in the Diocese of  Auckland responsible for the collection of Attendance Dues.   c] Under the Act, Attendance Dues are used for servicing and repaying loans to develop new building projects in the Proprietor’s schools  as well as paying for building insurance and compliance costs, collection and administration.
  2. At the time you enrol your child at a Catholic School, you are required to sign an agreement stating that you accept that you will pay the Attendance Dues and that you understand that payment of the Attendance Dues is a condition of enrolment and the continuing attendance of students at the school.  Attendance Dues are not a donation, and they are not tax deductible.
  3. Payment of Attendance Dues should be made in full at the beginning of the academic year or, in agreement with the school, by instalment (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term) during the academic year.  The Attendance Dues cannot be paid in full at the end of each academic year.  Attendance Dues are not a donation, and they are not tax deductible.
  4. Failure to pay the Attendance Dues may put your child’s place at the school at risk.
  5. Overdue accounts may be referred to a debt collection agency by the Proprietor.
  6. This agreement is legally enforceable and the person who signs the agreement remains legally liable for payment of the Attendance Dues.  Responsibility for payment may be transferred to another Parent/Caregiver provided that the new Parent/Caregiver first signs a novation agreement accepting responsibility for payment of Attendance Dues, on terms acceptable to the school and the Proprietor.
  7. Any civil agreements between parents/caregivers  do not take precedence over this signed legal agreement.
  8. This agreement may not be varied or terminated by the Parent/Caregiver without the prior written consent of the Proprietor.
  9. Financial assistance with Attendance Dues is available to families of Preference students in cases of genuine financial difficulties.  Part of the criteria for receiving this assistance is that regular payments have been made at an affordable level.

You are welcome to discuss fee assistance confidentially with the Principal, or the Principal’s PA who administers all school fees for the Board of Trustees.  Please phone the school office.  478 7734 Xtn 203.

Special Character Donation

This contribution provides the main source of funding for all services provided to St. John’s School by the Catholic Education Services Board.  No contributions are made by the Government for these services.  The Catholic Education Services Board assists schools to provide a Catholic education for your child through the preservation and enhancement of the Catholic Special Character in our schools.  The Special Character donation is tax deductible.

Parent Contribution Donation

This contribution provides funds, additional to Government Grants, for the running of the School.  It is reviewed annually.  The Parent Contribution donation is tax deductible.

School Development Contribution Donation and School Fixtures and Fittings Contribution Donation

This applies to the first two children in each family. Money from this fee provides funds to allow for our school development programme. It is reviewed annually. The School Development Contribution Donation and the School Fixtures and Fittings Contribution Donation are tax deductible.  These two donations up until the end of Term 3, 2019 were invoiced as one ‘School Development Donation’.  From Term 4 2019 they were split 25:75.  The School Development Contribution Donation is banked with the Diocese in an BNZ account in the School name for the school’s use.  The School Fixtures and Fittings Contribution Donation is banked with the Board of Trustees school trading bank.  NOTE:  At the May 2024 Board meeting, the Board resolved unanimously to direct all funds to the BNZ Diocese Account until they revise the distribution.  Term Accounts sent to parents from Term 3, 2024 will only show a School Development Contribution Donation of $44.00 being the combination of the SDCD and the SF&FCD.    [A-M Percy Presiding Member].

Tax Deductions 

The Special Character Donation, the Parent Contribution Donation, the School Development Contribution Donation and the School Fixtures and Fittings Contribution Donation and any other donations to the school are paid on a voluntary basis and therefore are tax deductible (you can claim up to 33.3% of the total donations paid).  Go to the IRD site by clicking on the button below and do a keyword search for: donation tax credit for more information and to download a claim form.


Instructions for submitting donation receipts

IR526 claim form

Payment of Accounts

Accounts are sent out through the School Office at the beginning of each term.  These can be paid by cash, eftpos or automatic payment. For all matters relating to school fees, please contact the Principal’s PA, Michele Nash or email [email protected].

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