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School Rules

Children are encouraged to demonstrate in their actions care, thought and consideration for both people and their possessions, and the physical environment we have around us. We like to think that by giving children guidance, trust, responsibility and a framework of acceptable behaviour, it will lead to independence and self discipline. The onus of responsible behaviour is on the children themselves.

  1. All grass banks above Rooms 4, 5 and 6 and the top courts are not to be played on.
  2. Balls are not to be kicked on the main court area, on the asphalt area outside the hall and outside all classrooms.
  3. Toys and games are not to be brought to school unless permission has been given by the classroom teacher.
  4. Chewing gum is not allowed at school. Drinks must be in plastic containers.
  5. Out-of-bounds areas at the school include:
    • Classrooms and cloak rooms during break time
    • The front gate access area to the school including the staff carpark and flagpole areas
    • All hedge areas and the gully area below the pool and below Jack’s Rest
    • Around the Caretakers shed
    • The pool area, unless accompanied by a teacher
    • All banks above Rooms 4, 5 and 6 behind the toilets and red bin
    • Behind Rooms 11 and 12
    • Any area marked with cones (eg. muddy areas, wet weather) or the ‘field closed’ sign
  6. All lunchtime games stop at the gully siren at 1:20pm.
  7. Uniform
    • The full school uniform should be worn at all times.
    • Ribbons, head bands and bobbles of the school colours are the only hair adornments permitted. These are to be red, blue, navy or white.
    • Hair must be worn off the face and tied back if longer than the bottom of the collar and be a natural hair colour.  Dyed hair or haircuts with distinctive cut or shaved lines are not permitted.
    • Watches and plain studs are the only form of jewellery to be worn. Nail polish is not permitted.
    • The school sports uniform is to be worn for P.E. and special sports activities.
    • Children playing touch rugby and soccer on the field during Terms 2 and 3 must wear a change of clothes.
    • Shoes are to be worn to and from school. Bare feet are permitted during the school day unless otherwise directed by the teacher
    • School sunhats are to be worn during the Summer months of Terms 1 and 4.
    • A note must be brought to class teachers if any part of the uniform is not being worn.
  8. Bus
    • Follow the instructions of the bus monitor.
    • St John’s children sit up the front of the bus.
  9. Walkzones
    • Walking only is permitted in these areas. These areas are in front of all the classrooms and the end of all buildings. “Walkzone” signs are posted in these areas.
  10. Student After School Procedures
    • All children must go home straight after school unless their parents have previously contacted the school or they are involved in a sports practice.
    • All bus children assemble at the front gate.
    • Children being picked up by parents at the school carpark must wait in the shelter at the carpark.
    • Children being picked up by parents at the front gate must wait at the gate for their parents.
    • No children are allowed to wait for their parents at the church carpark. Children being picked up by parents parking in the church carpark must wait on the top court for their parents.
    • Children staying on at school after 3:10pm must remain on the top court and observe normal school rules. No games are to be played until after the 3:10pm bell.
    • All children not collected by parents after the 3:10pm will be brought to the area outside the office.
    • There is no supervision after 3:10pm as teachers have meetings and school obligations to fulfill.