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End of Day Procedures

Please let your children know which carpark area you are going to use

Church Car Park

Children are required to wait by the blue seats outside Room 3. Parents are required to walk down to the school and collect them from there.

Penzance Rd/ Hastings Rd/ St Ive’s Tce

Children being collected from this entrance must wait at the Penzance Road front gate and must be collected from there. If they have not been picked up by the time the buses have left they will be taken back to the area outside the school office.

School Car Park

Parents using the No Parking Pick Up / Drop Off Circular Zone

  • Children wait inside the carpark shelter
  • Children will be able to move to your car via the footpath at the instruction of the Duty Teachers
  • If using this service you are not permitted to leave your car

Parents Using the Permanent Parking Spaces

  • Unless you have collected your children from their classroom, you must collect them from the carpark shelter assembly area.

Some Final Matters

  • Cars are prohibited from parking in the circular drop off and pick up area of the School Carpark and along the driveway to the carpark
  • Please obey the signs and yellow ‘No Parking’ lines
  • Drive slowly and safely in all carpark areas
  • Use the DISABLED park only if you can display a disability parking pass
  • Access to the school via the Penzance Road entrance is prohibited
  • The School Carpark will be closed after 4pm and on the weekends. Church weekend access is via Penzance Road as is weekday traffic after 4pm
  • Children are not allowed in the carparks unless accompanied by an adult