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Senior Leadership Team

Name Position Email
Marina Binns Principal [email protected]
Cara Mountjoy Director of Religious Studies [email protected]
Helen Perry Deputy Principal, CSA (Computer Systems Administrator), Team Leader of Waitemata Years 4-6, Curriculum Leader [email protected]
Vivienne Fuaaletoelau Deputy Principal, SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator), Team Leader of Rangitoto Years 1-3, Curriculum Leader [email protected]

Community of Learning: North Shore Catholic Schools Kāhui Ako

Name Position Email
Beverley Harper Kāhui Ako Within-School Leader [email protected]
Claire Taylor Kāhui Ako Within-School Leader [email protected]

Classroom Teachers

Rangitoto Team (Years NE-3)

Teacher Room Number – Tree Year Level Email
Katrina Little Room 7- Harakeke Year 3 [email protected]
Allison Miller & Danika Chambers Room 8 – Karo Year 3 [email protected]

[email protected]

Anne Howard & Jill Marsh Room 9 – Pōhutukawa Year 2 [email protected] 
[email protected]
Ashley Shearer Room 11 – Tī Kouka Year 1 [email protected]
Grace Atmadji Room 12 – Māhoe Year 1 [email protected]
Beverley Harper Room 13 – Ponga Year 2 [email protected]

Waitemata Team (Years 4-6)

Teacher Room Number – Tree Year Level Email
Janet Blind Room 1 – Houpara Year 5 [email protected]
Laura Baddeley Room 2 – Māpou Year 4 [email protected]
Carrie Mercer Room 3 – Tarata Year 4 [email protected]
Imelda Moss Room 4 – Kauri Year 5 [email protected]
Wendy Whiteman Room 5 – Whau Year 6 [email protected]
Claire Taylor Room 6 – Mānuka Year 6 [email protected]

Support Staff

 Name  Role
Chantelle Dunn Library / Learning Support Assistant
Christine McFadzean Language Learning Support Assistant/ ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)
Kathy Williams Language Learning Support Assistant/ ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)
Rachael Chandler Learning Support Assistant
Jenny Duff Learning Support Assistant
Francine Gilchrist Learning Support Assistant
Andrea Moore Learning Support Assistant
Resie Sayegh Learning Support Assistant
Lucy Kim Learning Support Assistant

Administrative and Property Staff

Name Role Email
Michele Nash Principal’s and School Board PA / Enrolments and Office Administrator [email protected]
Anneliese Bridges Office Secretary [email protected]
Karen Hulena-Dorrington Sports Co-ordinator [email protected]