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School Board

Every 3 years a School Board is elected and is responsible for the overall governance of the school. The St. John’s Board comprises of 11 members – 5 elected Parent Representatives, 4 Proprietors Representatives appointed by the Bishop in consultation with the Parish Priest and the Principal, 1 Staff Representative elected by the staff, and the Principal who is automatically a member.

The Board meets on the last Thursday of the month in the school staff room at 6.30pm.

Parents are entitled and welcome to attend these meetings. Once ratfied, minutes are available from the school on request.

Role Board Members
Presiding Member and Parent Representative Anne-Marie Percy
Principal Marina Binns
Treasurer and Bishop’s Representative Emma Simpson
Parent Representative Tim Gunn
Parent Representative Andrew Moore
Parent Representative Stefan Sagar
Parent Representative Gordon Simpson
Bishop’s Representative Becky Buckley
Bishop’s Representative Father Emile Frische
Bishop’s Representative and Deputy Presiding Member Lyn Ryan
Staff Representative Helen Perry
Minute Secretary Michele Nash